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How to create a protected eBook using Generated Passwords

Generated passwords are unique passwords the will unlock an eBook on a single Device, in order to achieve this, it is required to generate a password for each user depending on his unique device code (Machine ID), this will prevent password sharing because each password will only work for the Machine ID it was generated for.

Here are the basic steps:

1) Create your eBook project, and in the protection tab, choose the ‘Generated passwords (Machine ID)’ option. Then enter a secret word, this secret word should be unique for each eBook and you should remember it because you will need it to generate password in the future.


2) Finish customizing your eBook and compile it. Once you created the eBook you distribute it to your customers, and ask them to provide you their Machine ID  in order for you to generate a unique password for them. To obtain their machine ID they simply need to open the eBook and they will be prompted for a password and the machine ID will be displayed.


3) Once you receive the machine ID from your customer, open the compiler and in the Tools menu click on Password Generator.


4) Enter the same secret word you used when you created the eBook, and enter the Machine ID you got from your customer, then click on the generate password button, you will get a password for that device, just send this code to your customer to unlock his eBook.

* Once the password is successfully entered the eBook will unlock and will not ask for a password again on the same machine. If a customer opens the eBook from other device he will need a new generated password.



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