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Basic Protection

Enable basic protection : This will protect your eBook from being copied, view page source and context menu.

Password Protection

Use a single password : you can lock your eBook with a fixed password that will be requested when the eBook is executed. Once the user enters a valid password, the eBook will unlock and the password will not be requested again. This is a fixed password; this means it's the same password for all users.

Single password : type the fixed password you want to use to protect your eBook.

Generated passwords : If you don't want to use a fixed password you can use the password generator, you can generate different passwords that are related to a unique secret word of your choosing.
When you set a secret word for an eBook, multiple passwords will be generated from that secret word, you can save those passwords to a file. Always use a different secret word for each eBook.
To use the password generator, click on the Generated Passwords option and then press on the password generator button.

Click here to view a tutorial on Generated Passwords

Password message : Type the message you want to be displayed when the password is requested.


You have 3 expiration options:
- The eBook can NEVER expire.
- The eBook can expire after a specified number of days (counting from the day the ebook was first opened)
- The eBook can expire after a specified number of times it is opened.

Expire Message : Type the message you want to be displayed when the eBook expires.

Request password after expire message : use this if you want to give the user a chance to unlock the eBook after it expires. (its useful for shareware eBooks)

Once the eBook expires it will be locked. (if the user tries to change the system date it won't work because the eBook was locked)

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