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General information

eBook E-ISBN

Use it as a reference for your publications. Press the New E-ISBN button to generate a new number.

Basic Information

Project Title: The name of the eBook or publication.

Author: Your Full Name or your artistic name.

E-mail: Type your email address. Leave Blank if you don't have one.

Web: Your full website address. Please include http:// example: http://www.yoursite.com . Leave Blank if you don't have one.

Other Information: Use the other information box to write other important information such as copyright notice or a small comment from the author.


Project Directory

Directory containing project files
Select the directory that contains all your files. All the files and/or subdirectories you want to include in your project must be in the project directory you specified.

Project Files

You can include or exclude any particular file from your project, simple click on the checkbox on the left side of the file, if the checkbox is checked then the file will be included otherwise the file will not be compiled in your eBook.

Important: You must set a home page, the homepage is the first page that will be displayed after opening the eBook. To set a homepage simply right click on your mouse over the file you want to set as home page and click on the set as homepage option.

Table of Contents

Use table of contents (TOC): Check this option if you want to use a TOC or leave in blank if you don't plan to use this feature.

Show TOC at startup: Check this option if you want the TOC window to appear every time the eBook is opened.

Navigation Method

There are two navigation methods:

Like a web browser: This navigation method is exactly as web web browser, it keeps a history of the viewed pages and if the Back button is pressed it will navigate to the last page viewed by the user. This method is ideal for projects using HTML pages.

Like a Book: This Navigation method is pretty much like a Book, you must define the order of the pages, if the back button is pressed it will navigate the the previous page defined in the TOC order list (not the last page viewed by the user). This method is ideal for non-Html projects, like photo albums or presentations. There is no need to set a homepage if you use this method, your homepage will be the first file in the TOC. Please notice that the Bookmark will not work under this method.

On the left box you have all available files.

The right box is for the TOC and it defines the display order. Use the buttons to move the files from the left box to the right box in the order you desire.

If you don't define any files in the rigth box then the buttons will not work correctly using this navigation method.

Please remember to set the Homepage: The homepage is the first page that will be displayed when the eBook is executed.

TOC File List

Label: Set the page title here

File: Path to the file here

There are several ways to create the table of contents (TOC);

•  The easiest way to create a TOC is to click on the button. A TOC will be built automatically by searching for all html files in your project directory and adding them to the TOC. (You can edit the TOC after it's generated)

•  Other way is dragging the files you want to add from the left box to the TOC box.

•  The other way is to build it completely manually, just right click on your mouse and select NEW a new file will be create then type a Label and set the path to the file.

The TOC has two levels: Parent and child . Where the parents are the main categories and the childs are subcategories. You can do this by simply dragging and dropping files over other files this will make them childs of the file that were dropped on.

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